Making Moves: Five Small Space Living Tips

500sqft is not a large space at all.  For one person it’s enough but how does one declutter their lives so their new space isn’t a claustrophobic mess?  Here are a few helpful things that I have been doing and plan to continue when I move in.

  1. Declutter prior to moving in
    When you’re getting ready to move look at your stuff.  Really look at it and decide what you need and what you don’t.  The perfect place to start your closet and bedroom, two places that are use to having old things take up space.  Think about if you can live without that old sweater or if you can part ways with it and give it away.  If it hasn’t been worn in years then it probably won’t be worn in years to come.  
  2. Be sure everything has its own home
    When you first move in everything will have its place, as it should.  Be sure to stick with this and take the extra time each day to organize.  If everything has it’s own home then your space will look cozy and not crazy.
    Dirty homes are not happy homes and small dirty spaces are even more depressing.  Small spaces are easy to clean but they are also quicker to become dirty.  Get a schedule and stick to it, get that dirt early on.  You never know when company is coming over and you don’t want to be embarrassed by your mess.
  4. Make sure almost everything doubles as something else
    This is especially important when it comes to storage.  You have extra space under your bed? GOOD go buy bins to keep winter clothes in during the summer, or clean supplies.  In small spaces storage is not always the best so anytime you can get more organized take advantage of.  Simple ideas like a dresser used as a bed side table will go a long way.
  5. Spend time away from your home
    You may have created the perfect space (snaps to you) but you still need to get out.  Spending time away from your home will allow for you to avoid cabin fever.  There are plenty of free places you can go and just spend time away from your home.  Public parks, and coffee shops are my favorite.   

Tell me if you guys are enjoying this series and if you would like to see anything!

Making Moves: Living Alone

In two months I will be moving out of my four bedroom apartment and moving into a small studio apartment by myself.  This isn’t a huge move because it’s about 500 feet from my current apartment, but it will be a transition none the less.  Making the decision to live alone is not something that was easy.  It’s hard going from living with your three best friends to having a space to yourself, but it was a choice that I made and I am very happy with.  

FullSizeRenderThis is the 500sqft apartment I will be moving into in two months. 

There are a lot of things I had to consider when making this change!  

  • Am I going to get lonely?
    Honestly, this was my biggest fear.  What if I just sit alone in my apartment and do nothing all the time?  I mean don’t get me wrong I can spend days watching Netflix and surfing the internet but friends are good too (right? right.).  This is where I see the benefits of living alone come out: You must become your own best friend.  Lets start with becoming your own best friend, with this we must know what our boundaries are and how to interact within our own mind.  This may sound insane but when living alone you’re in your head 24/7 and we need to learn to not be our worst critic and must learn to love ourself.  Once these things start we becoming supportive, and inspired within ourselves which only benefits the quality of life we live.  
  • How am I going to inspire my space?
    When sharing a space with someone else you’re limited to what you can do.  But with living alone you’re able to take your passions and run with it.  I plan on having an area for filming that I wouldn’t be able to do in my small bedroom, but because all the space is mine I can do whatever I want.  You don’t have to worry about bothering someone else or balancing your priorities with someone else.  You can do you at any time of the day. (YOU DO YOU GIRL)  Luckily my roommates now are amazing and I haven’t had an issue with having people over but I know that’s a common problem.  If this is true for you, get your own place and problem solved.
  • How will I conquer my bad habits without my roommates there to judge?
    This is where knowing yourself comes into play.  If you know you have a vice with too much sugar consumption, or too much pop you have the ability to stop that.  Easy, don’t bring it into your space.  You don’t have the issue of roommates bringing home the brownies that their mom cooked for them, or them sitting in front of the TV binge watching Say Yes to the Dress as they beg you to join them.  You’re queen of your space, and that is a power you should not take lightly.
  • But, how do I know what to do?
    You choose everything in your space now, you know what you need and don’t need.  What will aid in your growth as a person, and what will not.  You choose your company, you choose the experience that you live within this space.  If you want constant classical music because it relaxes you then play it as loud as you would like.  If you want to cook dinner every night then cook your little heart out.  Everything is now up to you and this form of freedom will allow for your world to shape into whatever you want.    

Soon you will be loving your space and you will come to appreciate the quotes by Ellen Burstyn,  “What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be.”.   

Letting Go of the Leash | 5/21/2015

IMG_2805 IMG_2810IMG_2803 IMG_2806 IMG_2807 IMG_2804

This is my three-pound toy Yorkie named Diesel.  To put it simply he is the love of my life and I would do anything for this little guy.  He’s a ball of pure energy and wouldn’t hurt a fly.  I got Diesel around seven years ago, after deciding that I wanted the puppy that wouldn’t play with the other dogs and looked sad. (Normal wants)  My parents were hesitant, but he was my dog so I got my way.  We took him home and he acted like he had hit the lottery; with his own bed, endless amounts of food, and the fact we would pick up out other dog if she was messing with him.  He grew up with five brothers that would beat up on him, so he was endlessly happy when that didn’t happen at his new home.

Yesterday we did something for the very first time: we went to the city dog park.  Now Diesel has been around other dogs before but nothing like this.  He was let off his leash and was instantly greeted by five dogs that wanted to be his best friend, he looked up at me like, “Mommy save me.”.  So I picked him up and held him for a bit while the other dogs lost interest and left him alone.  Then I let him down and pledged he would have to get used to the other dogs without me holding him.  He became more brave and went to the old ladies first, they were so shocked by how little he was.  I got the question, “how many months is he?” multiple times, only to answer with “Oh, he’s seven years old”. He was a hit.

Then he moved onto the other dogs.  The dog park is split between 20 pound dogs and under, so I was never afraid that they would bully him but he was still the smallest there.  He would go up to them and then leave for short bits.  He didn’t want to leave my side the whole time.  But that’s not what I wanted!  He should be playing with the other dogs, right?  When he wasn’t looking I would run away so it would be just him and the other dogs. He would be fine then realize I was across the field, so he would sprint to me.  (Which is a hard task for such a little guy)

When we got home we both crashed.  He was out and snoring within 10 minutes and I followed right after.  He had a great time and I cannot wait to bring him back during the summer!

Diesel does have an instagram if you’d like to follow him on his other puppy adventure: @DieselCohen