Making Moves: Organization Check List

After my last post about cleaning up your space and only keeping what is needed I was asked to explain more about how I do that!  This is where my Organization Check List comes into play.  If anything applies to the items in your house GET RID OF THEM! 

  • Old Reading Material:
    • Chances are you’re not going to read that old magazine, so get rid of it! 
    • If you have old text books laying around check if Amazon Trade-In will give you money for it! 
    • Old books you’ll never read? Donate them or give them to someone who hasn’t read them.  But be honest with yourself if you’re going to read them again.
  • Documents:
    • Honestly, are you really going to need these again?  If so think about going digital!  Use VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner to scan all your documents online and put them on an external hard drive! 
    • If you have receipts of things you’re not going to return or don’t need come income tax time throw them out.
  • Clothes:
    • Have you worn it in the last year?  If no then donate it.
    • Does it have sentimental value?  If so then see above, if not donate it! 
  • Makeup and Perfume:
    • Check the expiration date!  Yes, makeup does expire and it should be located on the label of the makeup.  It is calculated by the amount of months you can keep it once opened.  Be sure to binge your makeup once every 6 months so you’re not spreading bacteria on your face!
  • Unused Electronics:
    • If you have the newer version then get rid of it!  Quite often Amazon Trade-In will buy these back as well! 
    • You can also sell your electronics on

I hope this makes your space more livable!  I am in the process of purging most of what I own and it feels great!


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