Making Moves: Small Place Decor

Living in a small area means you have to be very thoughtful on what you’re going to decorate with.  Most of the time furniture is a focal point in a room but when that furniture has to be smaller it can blend in with the background.  This is why you must play up your living area in other aspects!  You must choose your focals and the overall feel of your apartment that you’re trying to achieve.  For me that was easy, I want: Clean, black and white, highlighted gold, and very simple.  With this easy color scheme I was able to find a ton of things I liked!
Decorative Pillows and Throws:
The couch is a great place to throw some color and fun into your space!  Work with your color scheme and run with it.  I’ve never heard of Dot & Bo before but I quickly fell in love with all of their items.  These pillows are to die for!
Dot & Bo Golden Tops Pillow • Dot & Bo • $47.99
Dot & Bo Zenith Pillow Cover • Dot & Bo • $29.99
Dot & Bo Staccato Pillow Cover • Dot & Bo • $29.99
Dot & Bo Florence Pillow Cover • Dot & Bo • $29.99  (I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS)
Dot & Bo On Top of It Throw – Black and Ivory • Dot & Bo • $99.99

Coffee Table Essentials:
Coffee tables are made for so much more than just your morning wake up!  There are so many different things that you can put there, including: candles, trays, coffee table books, and flowers!  Coffee table books are my favorite and I have been collecting a few that will look great when I move in, but I don’t have many of the other essentials so below are a few things that caught my eye.
7″ Anemones in Vase, Faux • $45
12″ Geddes Square Tray, Gold • $22
7″ Peony in Bubble Vase, Faux • $45

Gallery Wall:
I am sure you have seen those beautiful gallery walls on tumblr!  I am just as obsessed as you are, promise.  I have planned to have a gallery wall every since I realized I was going to have a huge wall that has no interruptions like windows or doors.  Be sure your gallery wall is a mixture of art work and personal pictures, that will make yours so much more special than the ones on tumblr.  I plan on getting a picture of Diesel and I printed on a canvas to put on mine!  Also fun items like mirrors and paintings add a fun touch!
Lola Mirrors Set • $29
As Collective, ’50s Dress 378 • $99

These are just a few of my thoughts and tips for decorating your small space!  Let me know if you have any ideas I may have missed!


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