The Best Shots In Life Are Green

The healthy lifestyle has been a trench for the last few years, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.  With this trend came a lot of things that are suppose to be good for you, but how good are they really?  I’ve been buying wheatgrass shots for the last few months but it only occurred to me a week ago to actually look into this “liquid gold” shot.  All I knew is it’s suppose to be good for you, and that was enough for me to buy it.

My research showed me that in fact wheatgrass is super good for you!
Here is why…

Because of its high chlorophyll content, wheatgrass has a strong alkalizing and detoxifying effect on the body.  You may have heard a lot of buzz surrounding the healthiness of vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables with deep, rich color tones. In many ways, they’re perfect foods and part of the credit is owed to the chlorophyll they contain. Chlorophyll is a green pigment that’s instrumental in photosynthesis. Research also suggests it’s instrumental in promoting good health.

Like all chlorophyll-rich green plants, wheatgrass is high in oxygen and therefore an excellent source of natural energy.  I have had a sluggish day and gone on my lunch break to get a wheatgrass shot and instantly I have felt better!  It really is amazing what these little shots can do you you.

Wheatgrass is superior to other green plants because it has more than 100 elements needed by humans.  Do I even have to explain that one?

Because it boosts your immune system. This is because the wheatgrass shot will activate the white blood cells in your body.

It has the ability to alleviate stress.  Wheatgrass reduces high blood pressure and that in turn will cause you to become less stressed.  And you’ll be healthier than before, so right there should make you more relaxed! 

I am fortunate enough to have an organic juice bar very close to my work, but I know not everyone has that luxury.  Here are a few options that you can do at home: Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder,Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Individual Servings, and Certified Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit.  Of course the powders are going to be a lot easier than growing you own but if you want to really commit I would suggest growing you own! 


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