Making Moves: Five Small Space Living Tips

500sqft is not a large space at all.  For one person it’s enough but how does one declutter their lives so their new space isn’t a claustrophobic mess?  Here are a few helpful things that I have been doing and plan to continue when I move in.

  1. Declutter prior to moving in
    When you’re getting ready to move look at your stuff.  Really look at it and decide what you need and what you don’t.  The perfect place to start your closet and bedroom, two places that are use to having old things take up space.  Think about if you can live without that old sweater or if you can part ways with it and give it away.  If it hasn’t been worn in years then it probably won’t be worn in years to come.  
  2. Be sure everything has its own home
    When you first move in everything will have its place, as it should.  Be sure to stick with this and take the extra time each day to organize.  If everything has it’s own home then your space will look cozy and not crazy.
    Dirty homes are not happy homes and small dirty spaces are even more depressing.  Small spaces are easy to clean but they are also quicker to become dirty.  Get a schedule and stick to it, get that dirt early on.  You never know when company is coming over and you don’t want to be embarrassed by your mess.
  4. Make sure almost everything doubles as something else
    This is especially important when it comes to storage.  You have extra space under your bed? GOOD go buy bins to keep winter clothes in during the summer, or clean supplies.  In small spaces storage is not always the best so anytime you can get more organized take advantage of.  Simple ideas like a dresser used as a bed side table will go a long way.
  5. Spend time away from your home
    You may have created the perfect space (snaps to you) but you still need to get out.  Spending time away from your home will allow for you to avoid cabin fever.  There are plenty of free places you can go and just spend time away from your home.  Public parks, and coffee shops are my favorite.   

Tell me if you guys are enjoying this series and if you would like to see anything!


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