Skin Saving Bath Tips

I am a very strong supporter of sitting in the bath every night to relax!  It is something I love and something I do for myself.
Currently my skin has taken a turn for the worst.  I am covered in small dry patches that will not stop itching.  I went to urgent care and was given a prescription that did not work.  Just yesterday I went to the dermatologist and was told I have Pityriasis Rosa, which is a virus I contracted airborne.  It will go away in about 8-10 week but until then I was given a cream.  This cream was not enough to sooth my skin.  Below are my best tips and tricks for taking a soothing bath!

You Will Need:
A bath filled with warm water (Be sure not to make it too hot or it will irritate the skin)
1/4 cup of olive oil
2 spoon full of coconut oil

Place all the ingredients in the bath while it is filling up.  The coconut oil may need some assistance in melting since it is in solid form.  Just take it in your hand and help it melt.
Sit in the bath for a long as you would like!
While in the bath take the water and massage your skin to help the oil sink in.
Once you are ready to leave the bath, grab a clean towl and be sure to pat yourself dry.  If you rub then you will be rubbing off the oils that are now on your skin.
I suggest you do this right before you sleep.  Be sure to sleep in clothes so you do not transfer the oil onto your bed.
* Be careful the tub will be very slippery! 

Clean Up:
The oil will collect at the bottom of your tub.
Grab disk soap and drizzle it over the oil and let it sit for about 10 minutes.
Take a brush and lightly scrub the tub.
Rise the tub!

I hope this helps you like this helped me!  For additional moisture put coconut oil on your skin after you get out of the bath.


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