Letting Go of the Leash | 5/21/2015

IMG_2805 IMG_2810IMG_2803 IMG_2806 IMG_2807 IMG_2804

This is my three-pound toy Yorkie named Diesel.  To put it simply he is the love of my life and I would do anything for this little guy.  He’s a ball of pure energy and wouldn’t hurt a fly.  I got Diesel around seven years ago, after deciding that I wanted the puppy that wouldn’t play with the other dogs and looked sad. (Normal wants)  My parents were hesitant, but he was my dog so I got my way.  We took him home and he acted like he had hit the lottery; with his own bed, endless amounts of food, and the fact we would pick up out other dog if she was messing with him.  He grew up with five brothers that would beat up on him, so he was endlessly happy when that didn’t happen at his new home.

Yesterday we did something for the very first time: we went to the city dog park.  Now Diesel has been around other dogs before but nothing like this.  He was let off his leash and was instantly greeted by five dogs that wanted to be his best friend, he looked up at me like, “Mommy save me.”.  So I picked him up and held him for a bit while the other dogs lost interest and left him alone.  Then I let him down and pledged he would have to get used to the other dogs without me holding him.  He became more brave and went to the old ladies first, they were so shocked by how little he was.  I got the question, “how many months is he?” multiple times, only to answer with “Oh, he’s seven years old”. He was a hit.

Then he moved onto the other dogs.  The dog park is split between 20 pound dogs and under, so I was never afraid that they would bully him but he was still the smallest there.  He would go up to them and then leave for short bits.  He didn’t want to leave my side the whole time.  But that’s not what I wanted!  He should be playing with the other dogs, right?  When he wasn’t looking I would run away so it would be just him and the other dogs. He would be fine then realize I was across the field, so he would sprint to me.  (Which is a hard task for such a little guy)

When we got home we both crashed.  He was out and snoring within 10 minutes and I followed right after.  He had a great time and I cannot wait to bring him back during the summer!

Diesel does have an instagram if you’d like to follow him on his other puppy adventure: @DieselCohen


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