Five Major Benefits of a Post-workout Sauna

Every workout I do is ended with me sitting in the sauna.  But why?  What are the benefits of the sauna other than a small time of relaxation after a hard workout?
Below are my top five major benefits of a post-workout sauna:

1.) Sweating:

Sitting in the sauna will aid you in your weight loss.  Sweating in the sauna you’re able to drop the weight in pounds as it removes the water and helps you burn fat deposits.  Fat deposits get removed from the muscles and make room for the new muscle you just worked hard to gain.  Sweating gets your heart rate up and increases the body’s metabolic process thus you will be burning more calories.

2.) Cardiovascular exercise: 

When sitting in the sauna you’re getting a mild cardiovascular exercise (WHAT?).  This is similar to walking.  When in the sauna blood vessels dilate and this increases the need for blood to the skin.  When this happens the volume of blood increases which causes your blood pressure to drop causing your heart to beat faster and more efficiently.  This is what happens when you’re walking, but you’re sitting inside of a room and doing nothing.

3.) Aiding in Recovery:

It has been shown that a 30-minute sauna session multiple times a week will aid in the recovery of an athlete.  The increase of blood flow to the muscles allows for them to keep getting fueled and remove the lactic acid, which is what makes you sore the following day.

4.) Increased Muscle: 

Sitting in the sauna can help your muscles grow.  The heat allows for a robust expression of heat shock proteins in the muscles and allows for them to regrow and heal themselves.  This means that there is a 30% more muscles growth when sitting in a sauna against those who were immobilized after their workout.

5.) Detoxification: 

This goes back to sweating, but in a difference sense.  Perspiration is the best way to get rid of toxins.  The raise in our body temperature stimulated us to sweat thus we are getting rid of our built up toxins.  These toxins can be: copper, lead, sodium, mercury and other dangerous chemicals.  No need to fear these because it can all be taken care of with a little bit of time and a lot of sweat.

With all of these benefits it only makes sense to take your time and sit down for 30 minutes post-workout.   If you would be interested in a small workout to do while in the sauna let me know!


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