Acai Bowls: Eating a smoothie with a spoon

In my journey of discovering the vegan lifestyle there are “cult favorites” I am bound to run into.  You would expect for me to love them, as it seems everyone else does.  But this has not been the case for most of them; who knows maybe I’m just the only honest person around here?

There is an organic juice bar in my area called Sip.  They have a huge menu of juices, smoothies, meals, and acai bowls.  Lucky me it is a two minute drive from my work!  One morning I decided to treat myself and pay $18.00 for a juice and acai bowl, crazy, I know.   The juice was amazing.  But the acai bowl was less than desirableScreen Shot 2015-05-15 at 1.40.23 PM.

This is acai bowl #2 which is: Pure unsweetened Brazilian acai, coconut milk, banana, date & topped with coconut and Jenergy granola.  Sounds great right?  

Well it was like I was spooning a smoothie into my mouth, or worse like I was eating baby food!  Why was I eating a smoothie with a spoon?  Where was my straw?  These were the thoughts going through my head, it was just a smoothie in a bowl with fresh fruit and too little granola. Don’t get my wrong, it tasted delightful especially when I was able to get the little chunks of granola in with each bite.  It was just a very weird sensation.

Would I get it again?  Maybe,  I would like to make my own with a large amount of granola and even more fresh fruit.  I think that would be the key to making this something I will love.

Final thoughts: I would always suggest you try everything yourself and make your own choices!  But I would suggest getting extra yummies added into your acai bowl so it’s not the consistency of baby food.


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